Thank You for 2019

To our loyal followers, 2019 was one hell of a year.

We released 12 collections. Over 300 different garments. 19 podcast episodes. 8 articles on how to be a better person. Over 500 individual Instagram posts. A 10th-anniversary collection. An art collection. A personal development art print collection. Over 45 videos. And serviced 1000s of different people.

This business is nonstop. The creative expectation and innovation required to stay afloat is relentless. To know people still have love for what we do 10 years after starting this brand from our founder’s bedroom is humbling. It inspires us to keep on doing what we are doing, but on the same token, it forces us to keep raising the bar. Every day. April 2017 this thing nearly folded. December 2019 we are stronger than ever.

We aim to be 1% better every single day because we know that’s the only way moving forward. Thank you for your support this year. Thank you for spending your hard-earned money with us. For trusting us. For telling other people about us. For consuming our content. We know there are a million other options out there. It means the world to us. Have a great Christmas and a safe new year and see you all in 2020. From the team at I Love Ugly.


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