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ILU Style Guide: Eliza McEwen

ILU Style Guide: Eliza McEwen

Meet Eliza McEwen, a radiant influencer from a small coastal town near Sydney. Known for her eye-catching outfit videos. Discover her favourite place to see, eat and stay, as well as the best style advice she’s ever received.

Describe your style in 3 words
Colourful, feminine, streetwear.
The best piece of style advice you ever received?
Get your clothes altered! Everything looks so much better when they fit your body properly, also if you have no boring pieces of clothing, you will have no boring outfits.
A piece of clothing you’ll never part with?
I thrifted a Valentino coat, which will stay in my wardrobe forever!
What was the last song you listened to on Spotify?
All Your Life by Still Woozy. It’s been on repeat for weeks.
Who are your personal style icons?
Bella Hadid, Maina Suarez & Ruby Lyn
Where are your favourite places to…
… See? I live in a small coastal town, so my favourite place to see is the beach. Toowoon Bay and Blue Bay, hands down my favourite places to lay in the sun.
… Eat? Scotties, Nagisa, & Light Years.
… Stay? Sydney is about an hour away from where I live, I love having a little staycay in the city. Paddington and Double Bay are my fave areas!

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