ILU Style Guide: Courtney Joe

Introducing Courtney Joe: a multi-talented stylist, writer, and former PR queen, whose creative flair adds a distinctive tonal twist to ILU Womenswear. This month Courtney shares her inspirations, wardrobe essentials, and her approach to fashion.

What are the three essential items in your wardrobe?

1. A great pair of everyday jeans. I love a straight or tapered leg jean with a relaxed fit.
2. A boxy white t-shirt.
3. A trenchcoat. The perfect trans-seasonal layer.

Best style advice you have been given

I have both given and received plenty of great style advice in my life. But when it comes to sharing the best – it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what that might be. Often at times dressing to any rules or advice can feel quite restrictive. Style should be a reflection of you – at any given mood or moment. And most certainly in spite of any piece of advice!

Who are your personal style icons?

I’m inspired by the personal style of people that work behind the scenes in the industry – what creatives wear on set and what designers wear to take their bow post-runway. I think that fascination comes as an extension of observing people in their craft, and how what they wear contributes to their work. Internationally – it’s the relaxed simplicity of Phoebe Philo in a cashmere and tailored slacks and locally, designer Alice Feutz, who nails proportion and silhouette every time.

Movies or TV series? Any recommendations?

Both! But there’s nothing quite like going to watch a film at the cinema. I recently saw Poor Things which – if you’re a fan of a surrealism on the big screen – you’ll love it. It’s a wildly absurd, brilliant and poignant film with a stellar cast (like Emma Stone and Mark Ruffalo) and some fabulously frothy costumes.  

Colour of neutrals?

Neutrals always – although there’s nothing quite like a simple pop of colour (emphasis on simple!) to enhance an otherwise monochromatic look.

Courtney wears:

Pants: Billie Bias Pant - Black + Alden Pant - Charcoal Pinstripe

Tops: Piper Twist Top - Black + Lani Jersey Long Sleeve - Charcoal (Coming Soon)

Knitwear: Otto Cable Knit - Black (Coming Soon)

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