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ILU Style Guide: Brooklyn Opetaia

ILU Style Guide: Brooklyn Opetaia

At I Love Ugly, we've always celebrated our community and aimed to be more than just a clothing brand. The new ILU Style Guide is a collaboration with people who inspire us with their content, outfitting and ideas. Every month, we will offer you insights into the origins of their influence and how it transforms into unique individual styles. 

Meet Brooklyn, a Kiwi in London, whose unique style is an embodiment of self-expression and confidence. Learn more about her fashion inspirations, favourite clothing pieces, and her top picks from the ILU women’s collection this month. 

A piece of clothing you'll never part with? 
This answer changes often, but right now it’s heading into winter in London, and I am so excited to be wearing chunky knitwear again. All colours, all patterns, all sizes. Chunky knitwear has my heart! 

The best style advice you've ever received? 
Follow where your fashion sense leads you. You don’t have to latch on to every trend that goes around, only the ones that speak to you. The more authentic you dress, the more confident and bright you will hold yourself! 

Summer or winter fashion? 
I prefer summer as a season, but winter fashion is my favourite… Layering is one of my favourite fashion statements.

A City that has your heart? 
I’m equally torn between New York, Copenhagen, and Paris…. I can’t seem to choose between the three right now.

Who is one of your style icons? 
After much thought about who my style icons are… the most true answer would be my Nana. My whole life she has dressed so true to herself, so fun, so bold and wears what she wears with the utmost confidence. In turn, she's taught me that how we dress is an art form of self-expression. That is a style icon to the T.

Where in London are your favourite places to… 

… See? 

My favourite places to hang out in London all tend to be in East… Shoreditch, Liverpool Street, London Fields area all have some of my favourite spots such as Brick Lane, Spitafield Markets, Netil360 (a rooftop bar) and great shopping! Further recommendations would be… Regents Park, Soho, Tate Gallery, the Hamilton Musical, and all of the markets around London! 

… Eat? 

London is non stop eats! I’m still discovering new spots every single day.  

Some places I love are: 

Jolene, Supernova Burger, Blues Kitchen, Zephyr, Oranj. 

And the best part of London is all of the markets… my favs are: Borough Markets, Spitafields, Broadway Markets, Camden Markets 

… Stay? 

For a true romantic stay, I’d recommend staying near Regents Park! But for a fun and upbeat London experience I’d stay in East, Shoreditch probably

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