10 Stories Over 10 Years


Welcome to the I Love Ugly Audio Show. My names Valentin Ozich, creative director and founder of I Love Ugly. On this episode, we decided to do things a little differently. I sit down with our digital director, Will Munro who interviews me on this episode. He asks me about ten monumental stories that have happened to the brand over the last ten years, some you may have heard before, some not. These are the most embarrassing, entertaining, uplifting and challenging times over the last ten years.Whether or not you are new to the brand - you will find this entertaining and educating. There’s a few questions where I go deep and honest which you can pluck a few gems from to apply to your business and life. Also - we want to give our podcast audience a little gift to thank you for the support - use the code podcast: spelt podcast at the checkout to get 10% off your order including the ten-year collection. This is only valid for you guys, the listener. Enjoy the episode.