An Open Letter

Dear Fans, Friends and Foes of ILU, 

Over the past year in our own country we have noticed a couple of articles in our local media that have touched on the fact that universities and polytechnics are noticing a drop in applicant numbers. On face value that might not seem like a good thing, but we think its not necessarily a bad thing, and here's why...
There is a weird time that we all have to face; the time between leaving the securities of high school and the comforts of home to figure out what to do next in your life: Your 'next step'. First off, we’re not here to tell you to study at university or not - higher education is one of the most important pursuits in life in our opinion - but we are saying that how you achieve that ‘education’ and what constitutes ‘education' is not always as black and white as what you might be made to assume. 

Some people experience the pressure of having to conform to a system straight out of school. Some people are made to feel that pursuing a career in art or music is not a "real career" and so they choose a more ‘traditional’ path (Law, medicine, commerce etc). We would like to submit that there shouldn't be a pressure, and that following your passion - whatever that passion may be - is a real career. 

So we are writing this open letter with one intention only: to let you know that it’s completely fine to have no clue what you want to do in life post-school. Go explore a bit, try things out and don't be afraid to fail. Spending time testing out the waters could take you to a place you never thought you would end up; a place where you are much happier and fulfilled than if you had have followed a path that society thought you should have. 

Take us as an example - when we started I Love Ugly, the collective, most senior experience we had in business was that of night shift manager at Burger King, and the most education we had (between four of us combined) was a Sound Engineering Diploma, a half-completed Degree in Commerce and a Degree in Design (maybe that’s why our spelling and grammar is often sub-par). 

I suppose all we are trying to say is: Don’t follow the "rules" if you don't feel they are right for you. Naivety and passion can take you a lot further in some cases than an MBA. 

Stay up late. Do your thing. 

I Love Ugly


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