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As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

At I Love Ugly we constantly try to share with our audience the power of mindset. Why? because if we never learn’t about it, ILU wouldn’t exist. Today's book recommendation is on that very topic.

“As A Man Thinketh" is a mind-blowing read. It’s short (around 60-90 minute read), sharp and teaches one topic very well - the power of the mind.

Every single one of us has the greatest tool available to mankind within us. But until we understand the deep role it plays in our everyday life, both positive and negative, it’s hard to harness it’s true power.

This book is not about getting rich or being successful, it’s purely about understanding and utilising the power your mind already has. 

If you’re stuck, read this.
If you’re going through a rough patch, read this. 
If you’re sick of your current circumstances, read this.
If you want to sharpen your mind, read this.

It’s very hard to look at the world the same way after you finish this book and it might just impact you in a way that changes everything.

How much does it cost? You can get it for $2-3 off Amazon or Book Depository.

Can’t afford that? Download the PDF version for free HERE.

Don’t like reading? We’ve also included a link to the audio version on YOUTUBE

Someone out there is going to read this book and it’s going to change their life. It’s one of our most recommended books for a reason.

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