December '13 Cap Collection

Tonight we released our latest headwear collection, featuring 10 pieces across the 5-Panel, Sosa, and 6-Panel styles. 

Inspired by the Japanese interpretation of the classic baseball cap, the I Love Ugly Sosa Cap is a premium soft-fused, short-peaked, six panel cap with immaculate attention to detail, while the 5 & 6 panel variations pay homage to an extensive back catalogue of classic I Love Ugly headwear. 

Themes include both new and revisited artwork such as the Fresh Fish print by Melbourne artist Sam Yong ( and the Baseball print which features an all over baseball motif - gloves, bats, helmets and balls - with subtle hints of branded insignia. 

Each cap has been carefully crafted to ensure quality and consistent shape. The materials are hand sourced and each cap is backed with a genuine custom stitched leather strap and brass buckle.





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