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I Love Ugly & POW Recordings Present: Chester Watson & Psymun

I Love Ugly & POW Recordings Present: Chester Watson & Psymun

On Friday the 10th of June, I Love Ugly & POW Recordings collaborated together to host an exclusive in-store performance of Chester Watson & Psymun, in the I Love Ugly flagship store in La Brea.

Chester is a 19-year-old rapper/producer from Atlanta, who recently released his Spring Mirage EP, available now on iTunes. 

The event was proudly sponsored by Stolen Rum & JustWater. 

Below is a write-up from Ricardo, who was able to spend the day getting to know Chester, and hanging out with him in LA. 

Chester Watson, a name you may want to get familiar with if you're not already. I got the pleasure of spending 72 hours right by this genius. The "kid" is beyond his age, and kid is only because he's not even 21. The 19 year old artist is a wizard, or witch I should correctly say. The music speaks for itself, but I got to know a little bit more about Chester than the public may know. The vegan, who will only selectively sometimes eat chicken, happened to share a meal with me for lunch when he first landed. 

Chester has this reassuring feature to him which I first was thrown off by, but now admire. He does this thing where he repeats the first few words of what you say to him, in a way where it's to really take in the information you're giving him. It's like his way of saying, "Hey, I'm listening and paying attention." 

It was about 2pm, the day before our in store event with Chester. Chester turns his head, grins, looks directly at me and says "We're going to the Vice office tomorrow, they want to interview me for Noisey, Beats 1 and I want to be draped in I Love Ugly". Despite of planning an event of over 150 in attendance for an intimate performance by Chester, we tackled the Vice visit. Fully dressed up in I Love Ugly, Chester showed off his ballet skills for the visual portion of his interview with Noisey. Racing from there to set up his in store event where he performed, moshed and most importantly kicked it with his fans and supporters on a one to one basis. 

Chester and I even got some free tattoos, on a ying/yang tip. Chester got "Voodoo" on his left forearm, and I got "Faith" on my right. Whether it was our conversations on the importance of time, sharing music with each other, or even just watching him be so focused on what he's passionate about, no matter the skill, Chester Watson is someone I will co-sign entirely. 

Article by Ricardo Emmanuel
Instagram: @rickydirects
Photography by Andy Baptiste
Instagram: @andybaptiste



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