Our goal with our Box Hood is to create the best hoodie in the world. We feel we can get there with your help. We are asking you for a favour...
All you need to do is take a short video (between 10-70 seconds) of you wearing and talking about our box hood. See below for the video guidelines.
We will send every submission a 30% discount code and if we end up using your video on our platforms we will also send you $150 of ILU credit your way.

Share your video with us at content@iloveugly.net. We look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Video guidelines


Set up your shooting space:
– Choose a well-lit area with natural light if possible. Avoid harsh shadows.
– Ensure the background is clean and clutter-free to keep the focus on the hoodie.

Position your phone/camera:
– Secure your phone/camera on a stable surface or tripod, ensuring it's positioned vertically (portrait mode).
– Use the back camera (main camera) of your phone for the best quality footage.

Frame your shot:
– Position yourself wearing the hoodie within the frame, making sure the entire hoodie is visible.
– Include full body in the frame as well as close ups to showcase the hoodie's design and fit.

Demonstrate features and fit:

– Show different angles of the hoodie, including the front, back, and sides.
– Demonstrate how the hoodie fits by adjusting the hood, sleeves, and overall silhouette.
– Feel free to style the hoodie with other clothing items or accessories.

Send us your video:
– Once you're satisfied with the video, share it with us via the content@iloveugly.net. We wil be in touch with your discount code or store credit.


*Please note: by sending in a video you consent to I Love Ugly using this for marketing material