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SNEAK PEEK: I Love Ugly x Broken Homme

SNEAK PEEK: I Love Ugly x Broken Homme

For those that always have keen eye on our Instagram, over the past month or so you would have noticed the use of some particular unknown style of Boots. These Boots are from our up and coming collaboration with LA based brand Broken Homme. Broken Homme are a boot company whose products are made 100% in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for more updates and a release date. 

Designed in Long Beach, California, we only release product that represents the true character of our identity. We want you to expect nothing but the highest quality product. Broken Homme is a leading manufacturer of american boots and leather goods. Our ‘made in USA’ boots reflect the true identify of our brand. Designed in long beach, California, our american-made footwear collection offers unparalleled quality in terms of fit and design. Aside from leather boots, we also provide t-shirts, leather belts, accessories and more. Our design philosophy revolves around combining contemporary aesthetics with classic silhouette.


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